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These are instructions on how to set up a usable development environment on Ubuntu Linux 13.10 64 bits, complete with GDB debugging over J-Link, for the EFM32 series development boards by Energy Micro. Start by download the Simplicity Studio beta installer for Linux: mkdir -p ~/simplicity cd ~/simplicity wget tar -xvf studio_linux.tar.gz cd energymicro […]

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In the last few months I’ve been hard at work on my Python/Cython based game engine, Ignifuga, which I’m developing alongside a mysterious game project (by the way, do you know who is the gaucho?). The rationale behind my choice of language had several aspects to it. I was already familiar with Python, it’s a […]

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So, the cat, or should I say the chicken, is out of the bag! I’ve opened up the website for my pet project, a Python/SDL based 2D game engine called “Ignifuga”. You can check it out here.


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I’ve been a power Kubuntu user (I use it in my main system for everyday work) since 8.04. Every update to a newer version has had its fair share of minor issues and some not so minor, but all in all I haven’t hit a major roadblock (that I can remember), even when KDE switched […]