My name is Gabriel Jacobo, I’m an electronics engineer and software developer from Argentina. I’m the author of the Ignifuga Game Engine and I have extensive knowledge and experience with C/C++, Python and Django, PHP, HTML5, etc. Also, I’ve got experience with general Linux and Ubuntu based customizations, Chromium customizations, digital signage, complex build systems, 2D game engine development and I’m a SDL contributor.

In case you are amazed by my skills (why wouldn’t you be, right?) and were wondering…yes, I do contract work, so if you are interested in doing Ignifuga customizations, need game design/development or any other type of programming/consulting job that’s within my skillset, don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the services listed in the About Me section on the right column, or via email to my Gmail account “gabomdq” (parse that spam bots!)